Christmas has arrived

Christmas is coming, it would seem.  I’m sure that back when I was little it used to arrive a little more subtly.

You’d start off quietly on December 1st with the advent calendar – that would be a thing for a couple of days, but soon tailed off a bit.

A week or two later would come the first Christmas cards.

A week after that the excitement would ramp up some more when the tree and decorations went up – which was, again, great for a few days, but soon became just another living room ornament.

The next stop on the road to full-blown Christmas hysteria was when you finished school/work and had to sit around waiting for the big day itself without losing your ****ing mind.

Today (which, you may have noticed, is December 1st) Christmas seems to have ARRIVED with a squeal of brakes.  I haven’t heard any Christmas tunes yet, but that’s only because I haven’t been in any shops (thank goodness eBay don’t play Christmas songs on their site!)

However, lest you think that I’m behaving like an old Scrooge, I was charmed this morning by watching two excited girls open their advent calendars.

It was spoiled a little by Millie sulking that she lost the coin toss and started with the calendar that has only pictures (they take it in turn to open the chocolate one and the picture one) but Amber was excited enough for the both of them.  (“Chocolate for breakfast? Really?  No catch?  I can have chocolate for breakfast…?“)

And last night we got the Christmas decorations down from the attic ready to put them up tomorrow (far too early, in my humble expert opinion).

I had a little bit of a moment looking at them, when I realised that the last time we had them down Trev was still alive.  Before this I’d been vaguely aware that our first Christmas without him might difficult, but I hadn’t actually thought about how… how…treacherous a time it might be this year.

It’s probably a good thing: to be aware of that now, to think through it in advance, so as not to be taken by surprise.


The decorations are going up tomorrow night (Friday) in preparation for Grandma and Granddad coming over for a mini-Christmas on Saturday.  They’re leaving for Australia the next day, for a month, to visit the Lovely Kristine (the Lovely Melanie’s sister) who lives in, er… there…

Is it Melbourne, Kris?  No doubt you’ll correct me in the Comments section. 😉

So, Saturday is a little mini-Christmas in the Carter house, which should be good fun.  And if nothing else reminds me that I really do need to start buying some presents and get on with writing Millie & Amber’s book for this year.  Long-time readers may remember that I write and illustrate a book for them each Christmas.  Last year’s well-received tome was Millie & Amber And The Robot Treasure, but this year’s is provisionally titled Millie & Amber’s Adventures Through The Steamed-Up Window.

I did say it was a provisional title!


One comment

  1. Melbourne it certainly is Stu
    Sorry your having to have Christmas start so early (it is terribly early for decorations in my opinion also).
    I tell you what, why dnt you all just come to Australia instead? I promise you it feels very un Christmassy here

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