Millie’s Christmas Dance Show

From yesterday – Millie’s dance class show from school.  Very cute. 🙂

And in just two hours we shall be seeing Millie’s debut as an Angel in her school play.  She’s one of the few angels to have a speaking part – I’ve been trying to make her understand that there are lots of ways to say your lines (my own Acting 101 class) but that saying them loudly and clearly is the most important thing of all.



  1. Millie is clearly giving it her all, very sweet. But I just had to comment on the choice of song for a “Christmas” performance. Hurst Primary really knows how to rock the Indian culture! The British taught us Indians English but I never ever thought that Indian bollywood music or dance would feature in a British primary school’s Christmas show. This is some kind of weird cultural colonialism in reverse. Thanks Stu, you made me laugh today! he he he….

  2. I love your daughter Stu. I love her a lot. Please tell her for me wont you? Tell both of them…
    Auntie Kristine

  3. Auntie Carla wil be so proud when she sees Millie has been dancing to Bollywood and actually better than auntie Carla does 😛

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