Higher than a kite!

A friendly Christmas meet-up last night with the two cleverest people I know – Dr Mayer and Dr Skey – ended with us all getting very high indeed:  44 stories high, in fact!

Dr Mayer works in the City in risk management and Dr Skey is a university sociology lecturer – hard to find two more opposite extremes, you might think, but in actual fact we’re all quite similar.  Not to mention that both are old and valued friends. 🙂

We met at Canary Wharf after work and retired to Tompkins, a nearby restaurant serving some very nice food.

It was nice to catch up and discuss the recession from Dr Mayer’s City-insider viewpoint, as well as David Cameron’s ridiculous decision announced earlier the same day to not be part of the European solution to the ongoing debt crisis (we seem to have partially withdrawn from Europe because the people who caused the recession didn’t want to abide by rules designed to stop more recessions).

And after that Dr Skey somehow managed to secure us entry to The Attic bar on top of Tompkins, despite looking like what he is – an academic beardie-weirdie!

Despite drinks and cocktails being prohibitively expensive it was worth it for the view alone.  44 stories up in Canary Wharf you feel as though you’ve wandered onto the set of Blade Runner, and London lies spread out below you like a sea of twinkling jewels.  All of the litter and grey concrete vanishes, replaced by endless vistas of lights as far as the eye can see – only blocked by the unbelievably vast and strangely beautiful mountains of the skyscrapers next door.

As we sipped expensive cognac and discussed economics, literature and business my eyes were forever drawn to the window and the view.  As I said at the time, this is one of the reasons I love living in London: being surprised by nights like this that would be quite literally impossible (almost) anywhere else in the country.

Below are a couple of photos that give a vague idea of the sights we saw…

44 stories below The Attic bar
View from 44 stories 1
View from 44 stories 1


View from 44 stories 2


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