We have seen Father Christmas…

He was very good, actually – one of the best I’ve ever seen.  Amber was rather blown away by the whole experience – not frightened, just awed.  And even the hardened and cynical Millie might just believe in Santa for an extra year or two now. 🙂

And I have new lenses in my new glasses, having given up on the varifocals at the advice of an assistant at Specsavers.  I was having real trouble reading with them and was tending to get some vicious eyestrain headaches at work (although, interestingly, not on the much better screen we have at home).

Specsavers recommended new lenses optimised for reading and for computer screens, but which aren’t quite so good for distance viewing.  Not being a sniper or a birdwatcher I concurred.  Fingers crossed, then…

And tonight the girls and I had played a bit of Orcs Must Die and Skyrim before bedtime, which has become a bit of a thing for them – playing computer games with Daddy.  They particularly love Skyrim because although I do all the controls they get to choose what the character actually does.

Millie has christened our character Diana (?) and after our first horse, Norris, sadly died (falling off a cliff – don’t ask) she insisted I shell out 1,000 gold to buy a new one and call “her” Sophie.  And while happy to battle giant spiders, dragons and trolls they both get scared when we see a bear.

Little girls and computer games – man, it’s a weird mix…

I’ve been trying to put the brakes on too much thieving and murder in the game (Amber, in particular, hisses “Kill kill kill!” in a most alarming fashion).  But not completely. 😉

After they went to bed I watched Sucker Punch on Blu-Ray with the Lovely Melanie – which I thought was a perfectly enjoyable film.  Note, I don’t say anything about it being Oscar-worthy, coherent or clever, but simply harmless lunatic fun to watch.  There’s seems to be a deep river of hatred for this film out on teh interwebz – one echoed by the Lovely Melanie.

Personally, I didn’t see anything to hate in it.  I could understand someone not liking it very much, but “hate” seemed rather an overreaction.  If you want to see a truly dreadful film then go and see ImmortalsSucker Punch is waaaay better than Immortals.

Actually, better just take my word for it that Immortals is truly a monumentous pile of dismal – save yourself those two hours because life’s too short.


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