Wake up this morning at 6.30.  Wet outside.  Tired and mildly hungover from seeing Lemonheads night before.  Lovely Melanie is poorly with flu.  Children are in bed with us, as usual.  I have doctor’s appointment in one hour 45 minutes, plus two children to package and deliver.

Jump out of bed.  Tell children to do same.  Tell children again.  And again.  Shout at children and threaten loss of pocket money.

Go to bathroom.  Tell Amber she needs to hurry up or will miss breakfast.

Try to get in shower.  Tell Millie I will look at drawings after she is dressed and I am showered.

Shower.  Quickly.

Herd children downstairs for breakfast.  Make tea.  Gulp tea down.  More breakfast for hungry children.  Get dressed.

Back downstairs.  Even more breakfast for hungry children.  Amber laughs that I have no socks on.  Put socks on.

Upstairs.  Clean children’s teeth.  Tell children to put shoes on radiator to warm them.  Tell children to put coats, hats, gloves and scarves on.  Repeat instructions to Amber.  Stare at Amber until she follows instructions.

Pack lunchbox for Millie.  Do children’s coats up.  Open curtains.  Turn lights off.  Kiss Lovely Melanie.  Tell girls to kiss Lovely Melanie.  Put boots on.

Boots still wet and muddy from last night.  Ask Millie to get my cardigan from upstairs.  Put Amber in buggy.  Shout upstairs to see what has happened to Millie.

Walk to bus stop.  Explain to children why it is still dark.  Apologise for earlier shouting.  Catch bus.  Get off bus.  Sun is coming up.

Chivvy girls along wall that they normally play on.  Drop Amber at nursery.  Come out of nursery and wonder why it has gone so dark all of a sudden.  Look at sky.  Hurry to cover of bus shelter.

Catch bus to doctor’s.  Hurry indoors out of rain.  Give receptionist name and appointment time.  Receptionist reminds me that appointment is tomorrow.

Sigh.  Roll eyes.  Gnash teeth.  Smile at receptionist.

Go home.

Rain stops.



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