Clever Millie!

Millie's School report

Today’s school report for Millie made wonderful reading for us – and is a particular credit to the Lovely Melanie, who does the vast majority of homework with her.

I regularly read with, to, and in front of Millie, as well as pointing-out-interesting-stuff-around-us-and-explaining-it, trying to enthuse her about the world in general.  The Lovely Melanie, however, has taught Millie letters, numbers, reading, multiplication tables, how to cross roads safely and lord knows what else!

Let’s not forget, of course, that Millie is literally a year younger than some of the other children in her class, and had she not been born after just 26 weeks of pregnancy would be in the class below.

I’m proud enough of her report as it is, but when I remember that it leaves me positively bursting with pride at what a clever, enthusiastic and inquisitive little girl she is!


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