There was celebration in the Carter household last night as big sister Millie revealed a large gap in her teeth.  The missing tooth – a lower left-hand side incisor – was thought to have fallen out early on Sunday.  Payment from the Tooth Fairy is in doubt at the time of writing as the tooth had been lost!

Millie, currently in Swindon with her younger sister, Amber, has had the wobbly tooth for months now.  Recently it had become very loose indeed, with Millie able to push it almost horizontal using her tongue.  However, she may now regret not removing the tooth, which came out of its own accord, only to disappear!

Nanny and Grampy have suggested that the tooth may have come out overnight or during breakfast, but either scenario would mean the tooth had been swallowed.

Swallowed teeth are usually considered lost, but it’s thought the Tooth Fairy will pay up in this case.

Speaking on Skype yesterday, Millie said that she didn’t know where the tooth had gone but speculated that a bowl of cornflakes may have been the final straw.

Amber was also keen to stress that she did not know what had happened to the tooth either.

A full investigation of the incident is expected to take place when both girls return to Bexley on Wednesday.



  1. When I was little something similar happened .. so I wrote to the fairy, with an explanation, and a suggestion of all the places she might like to look. She wrote back to me, tiny writing on a postage stamp sized piece of paper, thanking me, and leaving me half the money (five pence!) because of the work she’d have to do. Can’t say fairer than that.

  2. A Golden £1 coin is the going rate. Millie found one under her pillow and woke us up at 4am to show us. How did the tooth fairy know? Because when Millie smiled she could see the gap …. so the story goes !

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