A common fallacy

You might think that with the girls being away (with my parents in Swindon) there’d be more time to blog here.

But you’d be wrong.

I’ve been catching up on reading, on sleep, on gaming, on films, on Christmas presents, on writing the girls’ Christmas book, on watching some TV and even on playing-music-quite-loudly-in-my-own-goddamn-house-after-7pm.

So you see, there’s been precious little time to blog.

The girls are back today, I’m pleased to say.  As I’ve no doubt mentioned before, as much as I enjoy a bit of “grown-up time” the novelty of that same “grown-up time” quickly palls and you want them to come home.

Unfortunately, I’m missing first ever Amber’s Christmas Carol Concert this afternoon, although the Lovely Melanie and parents are all going and have promised to comprehensively document the proceedings for me.

I won’t even get to see Millie’s newly-gappy smile until tomorrow because tonight I’m attending my work’s Christmas party.  I’m not planning on staying late or drinking (for various reasons) and would much prefer to have gone straight home and cuddled them both to within an inch of their life and heard their breathless tales of pantomimes, lost teeth and who-knows-what-else!

But I have to wait until tomorrow for that. 😦

Plus, being free tonight would have been useful as I’m up against it to finish their Christmas story (as usual).  I started the illustrating last night, which is the trickiest part, and got about a quarter of the book done.  Things do get easier, as long unused artistic muscles limber up, but still it takes a while – particularly when you want to do the best possible job you can.

These books mean a lot to me – something special and unique I do for the girls that no one else does, so it’s important they get done well.  To date they’ve been enjoyed by both girls and – importantly – they’ve both come back to them later and re-enjoyed them.  I think the moment one of them dismissed or scoffed at the latest edition would be the moment I stopped writing and drawing them.


  1. oh – forget the party, go get some of those girls before they go bed!!

    And if you wouldn’t mind sharing, i’d love to have a look at a bit of this book you’ve done (in my head you are now Roald Dahl/Quentin Blake rolled in to one) dunno if you can scan, take photos or whatever … although i’d appreciate if this a ‘Millie and Ambers eyes only’ thing 🙂


    • Ahh, if only, Mel…

      I’d be *indecently* delighted to share some of my work with a fellow professional! If you’d like I can send you the written story – the illustrations and actual book won’t be finished until Thursday (or maybe even Friday…)


  2. I think excerpts of the book warrant a post all to themselves, with illustrations….this is a very intriguing idea and just the kind of thing the girls will cherish even more when they’re all growed up. Do you make up the story or is it a classic story in Stu style?


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