Millie wins writing competition!

Completely out of the blue this morning a letter has arrived telling us that Millie has won a prize!  A poem she wrote at school has been chosen to be printed in an anthology of Young Writers’ work! 😀

Millie's certificate

I’ll post the poem up here once I get home tonight.

Millie was audibly very proud when they phoned to tell me (I’m at work), and as quite “literary” parents we’re genuinely over-the-moon about this.  It’s the equivalent (I imagine) of sporty parents seeing their child score a winning goal at “the football” (or something), and I’m overjoyed for Millie – although also, to be scrupulously honest, it’s nice to know that she takes after her parents.

Don’t get me wrong, if either of our children turns out to be good at something sporty that would be great and we’d be very proud.  But if forced to choose I would rather read their poetry than watch them playing sport…

This is going to come back to bite me in 20 years, isn’t it?  When Amber becomes a world-class runner, reads this and thinks that we love Millie more…

That is categorically not the case, Olympic gold-medal-winning-Amber-of-the-year-2031 – we’re very proud of both you and your Nobel-Prize-For-Literature-winning sister, but we understand a love of literature better than any love of sport…


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