Merry Christmas, everyone.

We’re in Swindon, and having opened a literal mountain of presents (well, the girls did) the Lovely Melanie and I are about to go and visit Trev and lay a mince pie on his grave (IWTWHW).

It’s still early Christmas Day, and a lot could still happen, but I’ve got the feeling today is going to be OK.  That rather than simply “getting through it” as I had feared, we might actually enjoy it.

In worrying about today I’d been sat thinking about it alone inside my head, what hadn’t entered the equation was the healing power of simply spending time with dear old friends and family.  The family might at times be a double-edged sword for us now, with such a noticeable absentee, but friends truly help compensate for that.

Thanks to everyone who has texted or emailed their love and concern the last couple of days – that has, as always, meant a great deal to me – I hope you all get the best Christmas ever.


p.s. Conny, if you should by chance get to read this in India, I hope you’re having a good time and that everyone there is looking after you.  We look forward to seeing you when you get back. 🙂


One comment

  1. Pls tell Connie that if she requires ANY HELP AT ALL then to please call me, no problems at all I am emailing you my number. Merry CHristmas

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