Ticking over

Some post-Christmas news…

Amber's black eyeAmber has a black eye (Millie bumped into her while carrying a tray or something).

My dad has been in hospital with a hernia (or something).  He’s fine and back home now, but will be having an operation to fix it soon.  It’s not so straightforward a procedure as usual because of the immunosuppresants he’s on (as are all heart transplant recipients).

In better news, I received my first birthday present yesterday (it’s my 40th on the 15th January), from my parents: a Blu-Ray read/write drive for the computer.  Last night was spent fitting it – which was, of course, nowhere near as easy as it appeared.  Fortunately I am a bit of a whiz when it comes to ‘pooters so it’s now done.  However, I’m left wondering: what do normal people do if they want a new bit on their PC?

Thanks very much for that, Mum & Dad, it’s just what I wanted.  However did you know?? 😉

Everyone else – the bar for presents has been set pretty damn high…

Just saying. 😛

I’m working from home today – wasn’t planning to, but no one from my department was going to be in and only one other person on my whole floor.  The killer blow was that the canteen would be shut.  So I’m at home.

On the minus side, I need to spend the afternoon writing an article about expectations for recruitment in 2012.  Sigh.



  1. I’m glad even you can’t install something seamlessly … that makes me feel better. Us normal people have to ask their children to do it !

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