Some news…

I’m being made redundant.


Just 18 months after the last time, which is a bit…annoying, shall we say.  Big changes at the company I work for mean that myself and another colleague are now surplus to requirements.  Come February 8th I shall have all the time I need to get really really really good at Skyrim.

So it’s not all doom and gloom. 😉

But more of that in the weeks to come.  I’m back in the office today following some greatly-enjoyed lazy time off in celebration of my 40th birthday.  Two glorious days of not doing very much – unless you regard eating chocolate, playing Skyrim, reading books, lying in bed and watching the all-too-short Edwin Drood on the iPlayer as “much”.  In which case, you’re wasting your life – get out more!

“Much” is to come this weekend, however, when myself and 30-40 friends and family are meeting to celebrate my birthday by drinking and dancing in style central London.  Hotel rooms are booked, babysitters arranged – emergency stand-in babysitters put on DefCon Two (just in case) – and livers are being given this week off in readiness.

If last weekend was the quiet, sensible family birthday then this weekend will be the stupid, deafening party birthday. 😀

But tonight is the mysterious birthday celebration night (which probably means I need to come up with a label for tomorrow and Friday, too) as I have a single ticket for the Lost Lectures series.  A hitherto unseen mix of erudition and elusiveness…

What on earth am I on about?

It’s a pair of lectures being given by an intriguing mix of guest speakers at a clandestine location in London.  Only those of us with tickets know where to go, and even we were only told a couple of days ago…

I’ve said too much already! :-O



  1. Oh man. That’s shit. But also … well, you’re relased now, aren’t you? Except, I know, there is a reason for working, even in jobs that chew up and spit out your insides. I have everything crossed for you for a decent handshake and lots more open doors.

    This weekend sounds awesome. I too shall be in Central London celebrating a big birthday; my mum’s 60th. My mum taught me everything I know about drinking and partying, and I have secretly arranged to fly in a couple of her bezzies for the event, so it should be an entirely uncivilised evening. My favourite.

    • We should meet up and raise a glass to my 40th and your mum’s 60th this Saturday – whereabouts in this little village we call “Central London” are you raising glasses? I’ll be around Oxford Circus/Great Portland Street.
      Aren’t you a wonderful daughter – flying in her mates for a special 60th party! I hope my kids do the same for me when I’m 60, and I hope they learnt everything they know about how to party *properly* from their old man. 🙂

      I am released – that’s exactly how it feels. The feeling of freedom and prospective happiness is far outweighing the worry of unemployment at the moment. 🙂

      • i have no idea about the georgraphy of london, all i know is that there is an east, a west ….

        I’m going to be in Claridges for part of the evening, the rest of it is as yet unplanned. Will I be near Great Portland Street?

    • Actually, we don’t have a west here in the Big Smoke – tourists are often caught out by that. It goes straight from South-West to North-West. Crazy!
      Just checked where Claridges is (isn’t it posh!?!), coincidentally it’s jolly close to Great Portland Street.
      Perhaps we’ll end up mingling our vomit in the gutters of GP Street (but hopefully not!) 😉

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