Afraid of the dark

The Lovely Melanie somehow popped a fuse on her way to work on Tuesday, leaving us with no upstairs lights.  This wouldn’t be so bad, but Amber is quite afraid of the dark at the moment; she sleeps with her bedroom door open and the landing light on.  So does Millie, actually, which is rather nice as I can pop in when they’re asleep and give them a kiss.

There are few things more comforting than seeing your offspring sleeping soundly in a warm, cosy bed…arms flung everywhere, pyjamas rucked up round their neck, pillows gone somewhere else, quilt tied around them like a kilt, dolls taking up most of the bed, trails of snot wiped round to their ears and making their hair stand up on end. 😉

But I digress.  I was woken by a text from the Lovely Melanie at 6.20am – warning me that a fuse had inexplicably blown as she left the house – just in time for me to hear Amber waking up, realise the same thing and start wailing in fear.

And once again, that’s the kind of time when it’s great being a dad – when you can whisk into their room and make everything better all at once.

I put my phone light on, scooped Amber up and gave her a cuddle, then explained to a sleepy wandering Millie what was going on.  Then we set about fixing the problem.

Heading downstairs I told the girls to check the lights down there while I flicked the switch on the fuse box worked some advanced technical repair magic on the lights.  The girls checked every single light, before it was revealed that – lo and behold! – I HAD REPAIRED THE UPSTAIRS LIGHTS!

Look on ye Mighty and despair – that sort of thing.

God and angels
"Stand back, girls, I'll fix that accursed fuse!"


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