Birthday bug

Here’s me trying to gear up for what ought to be one of the biggest party nights of my life (behind only my 18th, 21st and – maybe – 30th birthdays) and I’m down with a stinking cold.


It’s such a stinking cold that I was forced to work from home today; have barely eaten, and have to take a nap every couple of hours.  I had better be, er, better tomorrow or I’m simply going to have to overdose on cold’n’flu.  It’s jolly bad form to miss one’s own 40th, particularly when upwards of 40 people are making the effort to attend.

Looking on the bright side of the cold, it’ll be good for the job interview I have on Tuesday, whgich requires a PowerPoint presentation and a “high-level digital communications plan“.

If I’m still stinkingly cold-ridden tomorrow then my 40th birthday party will be relatively restrained and I pale, shaky and incoherent on Sunday, meaning a “mid-level digital communications plan” may be within my reach.  An unrestrained 40th birthday party may mean falling back on that old PowerPoint standby the “really badly-drawn cartoon of a  cock”.


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