Birthday celebrations are concluded

A week of 40th birthday celebrations were finally concluded last night with a massive dancing and drinking session at the wonderful How Does It Feel To Be Loved? – probably the best club in the world.

Thanks go to my good friend Mike, who persuaded the club to play a selection of my favourite songs (including the Pale Saints, whom I’ve never heard played in a club before) and the club’s organiser, Ian, a thoroughly nice guy who runs the aforementioned best club in the world.

Stu smiling at 40And thanks also to everyone who took the time, trouble and expense to join me last night, coming from all over the place just to watch me dance and spill beer/gin/wine/brandy.  There were 40-odd people who came to the pub and probably 30 made it to the club – a display of affection which made me this happy. >>

And thanks to my parents, who came up for the night and babysat the girls while the Lovely Melanie revelled in the luxury of a Travelodge room to ourselves….

I did mostly manage to overcome/drink through the cold which had been dogging me – although could barely speak when I woke up this morning, and am still speaking like a pubescent teenager – you never know at what pitch or volume I’ll talk next.

But that’s a small price to pay for the miracle of my non-hangover today!  That’s right – no hangover; well, only a small one that soon passed.  Given the number of brandies and beers and wines and gin & tonics generously bought for me I fully expected to be on my knees begging for a quick death today.  But no, I felt a bit unwell this morning and was just slightly tired for the rest of the day.

If this is what it’s like being 40 then I think I’m going to enjoy it.


  1. I’m glad you had a good night! The bouncer on the door did not seem to be very sensitive to the fact that I was with three women their late fifties who I suspect would be more susceptible to pneumonia than most … back of the queue indeed.

    By the way – just by coincidence, we were also staying in a Travelodge, in Covent Garden


    • We managed to smuggle a couple of friends in when they arrived late by the simple expedient of going outside for a fag and hustling them into the smoking enclosure next to the queue. When we went back indoors the new arrival was in the middle of a group and was just waved in. Ahh, the cunning of the middle-aged! 😉

      I looked at that Covent Garden Travelodge, too, it was nearer but more expensive than the King’s Cross one. Which of course meant we spent the money saved on the hotel on taxi fares to and from the pub/club! Ahh, the cunning of the middle-aged! 😛


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