What a day… :-(

The Lovely Melanie remains ill – deeply, nastily ill, to the point where she can barely get out of bed.  Not the kind of illness where you feel a bit ill but can snuggle up in bed and dreamily watch Columbo all afternoon – this is the kind where you can’t get comfortable, you feel like absolute crap, and even getting up to visit the loo is an almighty effort.  The poor thing.

IllnessI’m nowhere near as ill as that but still feel like I’m bumping along the bottom (waiting for my antibiotics to take effect).  Today, of course, was a Thursday, which means Amber isn’t in nursery, so I had to “work from home” to take care of both mother and daughter.  It’s a good job I’m serving out my notice at work or I might feel a bit guilty.

Actually, no, I probably wouldn’t feel guilty.  Despite my own illness I’ve been rushed off my feet all day, taking care of children, sorting out the Tesco shopping, going to the shops with Amber in freezing temperatures, getting the Lovely Melanie drinks and flu remedies, doing washing, cleaning up, cooking, comforting poorly grown-ups, reading stories for small children, bathing small children, helping small children with their homework and then blogging about all of the above!

Oh, and dealing with bennies sparked by small children wanting a plaster on a slightly injured toe but refusing to do what they’re told so not getting a plaster on a slightly injured toe.  Hence, the massive benny.

Every time this sort of thing happens my already-massive respect for single parents just skyrockets.  Seriously, how do you guys do it?  It’s insane!

The Lovely Melanie remains dreadfully poorly tonight, but has gone to sit downstairs for a change of scenery and to attempt to eat some grapes.  I kid you not.  She is currently aspiring to eat some grapes – that’s her dream at the moment. 😦

My dream was to hear back about some very hopeful job possibilities (remember, I’m redundant as of this time next week) but so far have heard nothing.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow, then, in every sense.


One comment

  1. fingers crossed indeed. I shall divert some of the nice ‘getting a job’ thoughts I’ve been receiving through my blog your way. Hope The Lovely Melanie feels better soon.

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