Poor me

I’ve now had a cold for three and a half weeks.  Three and a half bloody weeks!  And not even just one of those annoying sniffly colds that hangs around and makes your nose drip.

No, this one saps my energy, makes me cough, fills my sinuses and has killed my tastebuds.

Not that I’m very hungry anyway.  I think it’s getting on for ten days since I ate – or even felt like eating – a proper cooked meal.  Today, for instance, I’ve had three cups of tea, two pieces of toast, a banana, a bowl of rice crispies and some chocolate.

The chocolate is really nice plain chocolate, too, according to the label.  I wouldn’t know, I can’t taste it.  We’ve got cupboards full of nice nutritious food, but I’m holding off on eating the good stuff in the hope of being able to taste again soon.

It’ll probably go off before that happens.

The cold’s been under siege from antibiotics for the past four days and even they don’t seem to be making a blind bit of difference.

In the meantime, I missed a party last night that I’d been looking forward to, and two days of work last week (that I hadn’t been looking forward to so much).

This blog has been suffering, as well.  I’ve been too tired to write about interesting/amusing stuff that’s been happening (a mildly amusing shot of a sulking Millie doesn’t really count as “blogging” in my opinion).

It snowed last night – eventually.  We promised the girls all day that it was going to snow but nothing happened until they’d gone to bed and fallen asleep.  This morning we could hear them talking outside our room, nearly hysterical with excitement. 🙂  I took them to Bexleyheath library in the morning and they had just ridiculous amounts of fun throwing snowballs, crunching through the fresh snow and simply looking at the snow everywhere.

Thinking about it, the last time we had proper snow was November 2010, well over a year ago, so it’s hardly surprising they’d forgotten what snow is actually like – particularly Amber since that was half her lifetime ago!

The Lovely Melanie, although still recovering from her particularly nightmarish dose of flu late last week, took the girls out in the afternoon to make snowmen with the other families on our street who have small children (including another Carter family, the mum of which works in publishing, just like the Lovely Melanie).  I stayed indoors and fell asleep, Amber came back after about 20 minutes and changed into a princess outfit.

But the Lovely Melanie and Millie were out there for a couple of hours and had a whale of a time, by all accounts.

Right, that’s enough for now.  I’ve got to go back to work tomorrow – until Wednesday, at least, which is my last day.  Hopefully I’ll hear some good news back from some of last week’s interviews tomorrow.

That would be nice.

And if my cold was beginning to fade, too, that would be just about perfect.


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