The end of the world

This morning, about 7.30am, I am in bed.  Millie comes in.

MILLIE: Daddy…

ME: Mmm.

MILLIE: You know the end of the world?

ME: Mmm… Wait, what??

MILLIE: What are the ways that the world could end?

ME: (thinking: I knew it was a mistake to mention that one of our “missions” in Skyrim was to stop the end of the world) Well, first of all, ‘Lays, the world isn’t likely to end for a very very very long time.

MILLIE: Yeah, but what are the ways it could end?

ME: (thinking: Jeez, it’s 7.30am on a Sunday…) Well, scientists and very clever people think the world won’t end for about eight billion years.  Which is a very very very very long time.

MILLIE: So we are probably all right. What will happen when it ends?

ME: Most likely the sun will swell up and the Earth will be sucked into it.  Wait, you do know the earth goes round the sun, right?  OK.  Well, the sun will get so big that the Earth will probably disappear inside the sun.

The end of the worldMILLIE: What are the other ways the world could end?

ME: (thinking: Are we talking literal end of the planet or just extinction of mankind/terrestrial life?  Good grief, it’s 7.30 Sunday morning…)

So, this morning, Millie learned about gamma ray bursts, asteroid collisions and black holes.

Oh, and zombies.

That’s what happens when your dad is a bit of a nerd and you catch him unawares early on a Sunday morning.

After this kind of thing, job interviews are a doddle!

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