Rational vs. Superstitious

black catThere’s a battle inside me as to whether I should write this post: “Superstitious Stu” doesn’t want to “jinx” his “luck” by writing about the fact that tomorrow he has a pair of second interviews.

Meanwhile, “Rationalist Stu” insists that this is ridiculous and in order to exorcise such superstitious nonsense I need to write about my second interviews now.

That’s another victory for Rationalist Stu, then.  At least for now.

Let’s hope I get one of the jobs or Superstitious Stu is going to be crowing for months to come about how he was right, despite Rational Stu knowing there’s no causal link between blogging about an interview and getting/not getting a job.

Schizophrenia – we haz it!



  1. uh oooooh … you’ve ruined your luck now, buddy. You’ve nee chance!

    Kidding – best of luck, head high, let them know how absolutely perfect you would be for their job, and how you would change the dynamics of their company for the better and how they’d be fools not to employ you.

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