Unemployment II, day 2

I haven’t actually been outside today.  Anyway, it’s freezing cold – why would I want to go outside??  I’ve got a stack of books to read and DVDs to watch, I’m at level 31 in Skyrim, and the fridge is full of the Lovely Melanie’s homemade chocolate marshmallow cakes. 😀

This afternoon I had a second interview (via Skype) with a nice guy from what seems like a really cool company (am I still allowed to say “cool” at 40?) for a copywriter job that doesn’t require me to wear a shirt and tie and is based in a very fashionable part of London.

shirts and ties
No no no no no no no!!!

I really hated wearing a shirt and tie to work.  It just seems so petty – understandable perhaps if you’re in sales or have to meet people a lot, but not if you’re a writer who sits behind a desk in an office writing all day.  Don’t get me started on this because I really will spiral out of control all too quickly. 😦

But the interview went very well, as far as I could tell, and I should hear back from them early next week. As if that weren’t enough, there’s also the back-up offer of a contract role that sounds pretty good, and an interview for another differently interesting job next week…

This seems a little too good to be true when compared to my last period of unemployment, back in 2010.  You may recall it took almost three months to find a new job then.  Perhaps I’m just better at it this time around thanks to my experience, but also I think the folks at my old job have given me some excellent contacts and a much better start.  Thanks, guys!

On an entirely different note, I also wanted to mention Millie’s reading here, because it’s made such giant steps in the last month or two.  Millie would read to herself before but now she loves reading to herself, the books she reads books are predominantly text and she reads without moving her lips, i.e., like most grown-ups.

Five On A Treasure Island coverNot only that, the books she has for bedtime stories are becoming more complex.  She’s been enjoying the Famous Five and other such Enid Blyton books for months now, but last weekend we got the first Harry Potter book from the local library and Millie is agog.  She loves it!

Call me a snob with my Masters in Literary Criticism, but I haven’t read any Harry Potter before – just as I don’t read Enid Blyton or the Mr Men books for pleasure.  However, I can absolutely imagine myself at Millie’s age being just as gripped by the story of the badly-treated orphan boy who discovers a whole world that his oppressors can never understand.  JK Rowling, you’re a clever lady!

And finally, can I recommend Django Django to anyone looking for some new music to listen to?  I happened to see them mentioned somewhere, was intrigued by the name and had a quick listen – just a few seconds of the first couple of tracks on their eponymous album had me hooked.

It turns out that they are pretty fashionable in certain circles at the moment – an annoying fact discovered only after I bought the album.  Sometimes being so far ahead of the pack can be a curse as much as a blessing…



  1. I haven’t read Harry Potter either or seen the movies, shocking, I know. But i LOVED the Famous Five and Secret Seven. But Millie must must must read The Wishing Chair. A chair that grows wings and can take you anywhere you wish! It’s a classic and I recently found it while shopping for a little kid’s birthday and bought one copy for the kid and one for myself! Still a joy to read.

    • She *started* on The Wishing Chair and The Magic Faraway Tree, Gayu!
      We haven’t done the Secret Seven yet (but I remember them being better than the Famous Five)

  2. Oooh… well excuse me 😉 I guess Brer Rabbit’s way too old school then… Let me know when she’s on to Roald Dahl’s BFG and The Witches.

    • warning – I just started to reread that particular blog and it’s full of spoilers, big spoilers that i would highly recommend avoiding if you do plan to get in to the books … if you want to read the blog, let me know and i’ll copy and paste and edit it for you …

    • Do you know, I don’t get to read a great deal with Millie, the Lovely Melanie mostly gets to do that – she picks the girls up from school and nursery in the evenings, while I take them there (at the cost of not getting home until after bedtime usually).
      But having just read that brilliant blog entry I’m tempted to read to her more. I do read Amber’s stories sometimes, which is fun, but her stories are still very simple and usually involve rehashes of Disney films, which are a bit dull.
      Millie’s stories, on the other hand, are for the most part genuinely new to me and I really enjoy putting some “actinhg” into them and not simply reading out the words from the page. I should probably do more reading with MIllie…

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