The Phantom Menace in 3D

Unimaginable luxury surrounds me today – no work to go to and no children to look after.  The girls are staying with Grandma and Granddad in Hatfield because it’s half-term; meaning I don’t even have to get out of bed if I don’t fancy it! (I don’t fancy it)

Technically, the girls could have stayed home with me, but they love visiting and staying with both sets of grandparents; plus, I have an interview Wednesday and am hoping to hear back from a job today that may even involve me starting back at work this week.

But in all honesty, the allure of being able to to stay in bed all day for the first time in six years was simply irresistible. 😛

Saturday afternoon I took Millie to see the recently re-released Stars Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D.  Having spotted the advert at the cinema (when the Lovely Melanie took her to see Hugo) she was champing at the bit to see it, and as the other Star Wars fan in our house (Amber has gone on the record that she doesn’t like Star Wars (!), while the Lovely Melanie hadn’t even seen the films before she met me!) I was nominated to go.  The Phantom Menace isn’t one of my favourite films but I still jumped at the chance to take Millie since I knew we’d both be more or less excited by it.

Fortunately, the Lovely Melanie had saved the 3D glasses they used to when watching Hugo and dug those out for us to use, and MIllie and I wore them on the bus to the cinema, looking very cool.

The 3D seemed a bit disappointing initially – blurry and, well, not 3D.  I looked over at Millie, half hidden behind a medium-sized box of popcorn, and saw she had a hand out trying, as usual, to touch the screen.  Frowning, I borrowed her glasses for a moment and realised there was something very wrong with my 3D glasses…

They weren’t 3D glasses at all – the Lovely Melanie had given me a pair of sunglasses!  Bah!  Instructing Millie to stay where she was I dashed out and bought a pair of actual 3D glasses, and that was much better.

Sadly, The Phantom Menace wasn’t improved by 3D.  In fact, the first third of the film was much much worse than I remembered.  Things did improve with the pod race and afterwards, but I still left the cinema – much as I had when a large excited group of us went to see it years ago in Leicester Square – wondering what had just happened.

No matter!  MIllie loved it, so I hung on to her enthusiasm, nodding at her frequently expressed love for Jar-Jar Binks (“He’s so funny!“) and we both had a great afternoon.

On the bus home, Millie was amazed at my observation that if they released a film a year in 3D then she would be 11 by the time Return Of The Jedi came out.  11!

Saturday night I went to the pub for the first time in seemingly ages, only to find that the pub we agreed to meet at – the unique and fascinating Montague Arms in New Cross – was shut.  Hopefully this is only a temporary state of affairs; the pub landscape will be an awful lot poorer if the Monty has gone for good… 😦

And on Sunday we trekked up to Hatfield – once again for the first time in – shockingly – over a year (I don’t think I’ve been to Hatfield since Trev died, over a year now – just another of the many small ways his death has affected us).  We had a lovely time there, attending a shared birthday party, and it was really nice to see everyone again – even if all the children seemed to have grown a ridiculous amount in the intervening year!

Right, now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for a marathon session of Skyrim.

Whoa – one last thing!  While searching for a good explanatory Skyrim link I’ve just discovered that this blog is the tenth result for a search of “Skyrim” on Google.  Finally, some recognition! 🙂

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