Amber’s 4th birthday party

I’m not going to say any more about Friday’s exciting news because, (i) nothing else is going to happen about it until tomorrow and (ii) Saturday was Amber’s fourth birthday party!

Friday night, after a third and final interview with the people who later offered me a job, I went to a gig at the Garage in Islington.  Sadly, with the next day’s festivities to bear in mind, I couldn’t stay late – which was a shame because it seemed to be on the cusp of turning into a good night when I had to leave at 11.30.

I didn’t even get to see the band I wanted to see (the wonderfully Warm Digits) because they had places on the set list and then were late coming on, and living out in the middle of nowhere Bexley means you really really don’t want to miss the last train home, otherwise hours of night bus misery or crippling taxi fees ensue.  So I was long gone by the time they eventually came on stage. 😦

But, yes, Amber’s fourth birthday party.

Millie & Amber (Amber's 4th birthday)A wonderful success as ever, thanks to the Lovely Melanie’s hard work and implicit understanding of what our girls love.  Thanks to everyone who came and, I hope, had such a wonderful time, and thank you from Amber for all the wonderful presents.

There are a ton of photos from the day in a Flickr album called Amber’s Fourth Birthday.

After everyone had gone home and the children were put to bed we spent a lovely evening with Conny, drinking some wine and talking – about Trev, about friends, about family, about the future…about anything, really.  I really enjoyed this, and it made me realise how far we’ve all managed to move on following Trev’s death last year.  I enjoy talking about him now: refreshing those memories – all the good times and laughter we shared, remembering how good he could be, which reminds me to try and live up to his loss, to compensate for his absence by being a better person.

Oh, dear – this is a rubbish post about Amber’s birthday, isn’t it?  Sorry, Amber.  Hopefully the pictures on Flickr give a better idea of the day.  I’m not really in the mood for blogging tonight.  This morning we were up at the normal time, but went with Conny and the girls to see The Muppets, which was wonderful.  I cried tears of laughter and – rather ridiculously – even one or two tears of sadness while watching it.

The MuppetsOne thing I didn’t know until we came out of the cinema was that Conny hadn’t been to the cinema since Trev’s death.  I think The Muppets is a good film to come back to the cinema for; hopefully, Conny, you enjoyed it as much as we all did…  And as you said, Trev would have enjoyed it enormously.

This afternoon, after I’d put together the toy garage we bought Amber for her birthday (a hoped-for antidote to the mass of Princess presents she mostly received), we had some well-deserved quiet time: me laid on the sofa, Millie laid on top of me, watching TV from under a blanket.  Bliss!

This was rudely interrupted just before five PM when I had to take Millie to her swimming lessons.  Now that she’s gone up a level, from two to three, the only practical time we were offered for level three lessons was 5.30 on a Sunday afternoon; so we dragged ourselves off the sofa, sneered at our shoes, rolled our eyes at our coats and went lollygagging out the door.

Fortunately, I had just bought an Android app called Buschecker that tells you when the next bus is due to arrive at any stop in London.  God, and it’s brilliant, so it is!  Never again will we have to hang around freezing bus stops for 25 minutes waiting for a bus – now we can check the app and get there two minutes before the bus arrives!

Seriously, if you live in London, use buses and have an Android phone get Buschecker.  It seems too good to be true, but really works!


Apparently, you can get Buschecker for iPhone, too – if you’re silly enough to own an iPhone 😛


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