&c. &c.

Not much of interest to report, I’m afraid.  My previous stint of unemployment at least had the novelty of being a sort of postcard from the edge, but this time I’m not signing on or claiming any benefits because I’m awaiting a contract to sign and to start my new job on Monday.

Both myself and the Lovely Melanie are holding off celebrating the new job until I get the contract to sign and am formally invited to turn up to work on Monday, but it’s supposedly a done deal so I’m not chasing any other leads at the moment.

Oddly, Southwark Council still haven’t gotten back to me about the job that I interviewed for last week, which is odd considering they promised a response on Friday, then amended that to Monday…

Just as well I’m not desperately holding on to get that job, eh? (I’m not, but if the other job had gone tits up I would be!)

Gaming slobSo, nothing to report from here in employment limbo.  I haven’t been out much at all; instead days are spent reading and playing unhealthy amounts of Skyrim.  Yesterday’s routine was broken by my having a shave for the first time in a week.  Oh, and I went down to the village to pick up a parcel for the Lovely Melanie.  Whoop!

Hopefully I will be at work Monday because my social skills are atrophying as I sit here alone at the computer.

Leave it too much longer and I might forget how to have a proper conversation.  At least I have all of you wonderful blog-readers to talk to, right?




  1. ha.

    You should know that your computer game habits assissted my computer game habits the other night. In playing Channel 4’s ‘The Bank Job’ online, I successfully answered a question asking me what Skyrim is. Thank you.

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