New job expectations

It’s going to be nice to get back to work on Monday (fingers crossed…) but do you know what I’m most looking forward to?

Yeah, obviously, the money (and pay rise) will be good

And yes, the job and the company sound pretty cool.

But mostly I’m looking forward to rescuing my lovingly assembled collection of t-shirts and other fashion items from the wardrobe of oblivion.  Let me explain.

Prior to my last job I never had to wear a shirt and tie to work.  Over the years I’d assembled an ostentatious array of casual wear that I was proud to be seen in – that really expressed my tastes and who I was.  Primarily a unique collection of t-shirts, that included bands, nerd in-jokes, superhero logos and others I made myself, coupled with similarly bright cardigans and unusual shirts, and some jumpers that owed a slight sartorial debt to Star Trek – I loved them all. 🙂

But my last job demanded that I wear a shirt and tie every day.  Even when I developed my own “rebellious” work style of all black with a ’70s tie it felt like such a waste.  All the rest of my wardrobe, lovingly assembled over the years, had to be squeezed into the oh-so-short weekends.  Inevitably, some of it hasn’t been seen since 2010.

But going to work for a young, dynamic and modern company hopefully presages a new “fashion” renaissance.  Call me shallow, but I’m really looking forward to rediscovering my wardrobe, as well as some new clothes. 🙂

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