Family of DJs

I’m in my bedroom listening to Africa Brasil by Jorge Ben; Amber’s in her room listening to the Nyan Cat song on her new CD player, and Millie is in her room listening to All You Pretty Girls by Jim Moray. Over and over and over again.  She occasionally leavens the mix by playing Fame or Nellie The Elephant.

Don’t think that I’m complaining – far from it: they’re all decent songs, and things could be a lot worse.  I have a vague plan to catch the girls’ music taste now and innoculate them against awful manufactured nonsense like Glee or that little Beiber fellah.  Things are going pretty well so far – they love a mix of reggae, punk, disco, folk and crazy Japanese pop. 🙂

Note, “catch their music taste” doesn’t mean “make them like what I like”, it means expose them to a whole range of different musics and traditions so they can make their own minds up as to what they like best.

I am going to try pushing them towards ’70s experimental German rock, but don’t get your hopes up…

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