Cycling rediscovered

Millie riding her bikeMillie rediscovered her bike yesterday, which had been in the shed for over a year. You may recall that she learnt how to ride it without stabilisers and then immediately lost interest. But something reminded her of it yesterday – and, since the weather is unseasonably mild for February, we pulled the bike from the depths of the shed…

Remarkably, after just a few minutes of practice Millie was hoofing it round West Woodside like a pro. This was one of the reasons we moved here in the first place, because it’s a quiet little pedestrian square that’s exquisitely safe and free from traffic.

Upon waking up this morning Millie declared her intention to “do a bit of dancing then go out on my bike again.” And that’s exactly what she has done, ably assisted by Amber on her scooter.

I’m actually blogging this using the tablet, sat on the top step of our front garden, waving to the girls every couple of minutes as they come round.  Us Bexley Carters are living the suburban dream, baby!


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