Two things I had forgotten

Two things I had forgotten:

  1. How busy a new job can seem (especially when previously you’ve been working out your notice/unemployed and particularly when you then step into one that has a deadline just three days away)
  2. How different the atmosphere of a new office can be to what you’re used to (in this case: very very quiet indeed)

And for some reason the new job has given me a Blackberry.  The laptop I can understand, but a Blackberry??  Rather embarrassingly, I tried to get it to do stuff by pressing the screen.

Blackberries don’t have touchscreens.  Apparently.

One comment

  1. Howdy Stu 🙂 A word from the wise. I too am starting a new job on Monday after 1) 2 weeks off and B) quite a while at my old job not really doing a lot (one of the main reasons/luxuries that pushed me to get a new job in the first place. I am a bit jealous of your Skyrim score though. Level 15 myself and have been since before xmas. Awesome game…..I really need to “make time” in my life to play that bad boy some more…..anyway, good luck with the new job, glad you found something 🙂 JD


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