The new job…

The new job is going well (IMHO).

Not much on here this week because, well, obviously the new job is going well. I haven’t had much time to myself, what with getting home at eight or nine in the evening – the Lovely Melanie has warned me that I need to be firm tonight and leave on time.

But seriously, I haven’t minded working late this week.  I’ve joined in the middle of a frantically busy period and the company have been desperate for a copywriter (i.e., me) for months, apparently.  And I’ve been really enjoying the work.  It’s not the most exciting subject matter, but it is writing – which I enjoy.  The sheer intellectual challenge of working out how best to communicate and express something. 🙂

And in a stunning coincidence, it turns out that the president of the company went to school with an old friend of mine from uni.  It’s such a small world sometimes…

So I haven’t minded working late.  But I would quite like to see my wife this evening – especially since I’m taking the girls to Swindon tomorrow while she goes to a school reunion in Hatfield.

More new job observations and updates about the girls to follow over the weekend, I hope…


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