We’re all good

Yeah, we’re, uh, y’know, just sort of ticking along nicely here, thanks. How are you?

Millie’s become a massive fan of The Pipettes’ first album (particularly Pull Shapes), while both girls also insist that we play Birthday by The Sugarcubes at every possible opportunity.  So that’s nice.

Work is still good, although not quite as manic; I’m slowly settling in and learning my job.

The Lovely Melanie fell over on the way to work the other day, cutting her knee and squashing her banana (that’s not a euphemism).  But she’s OK now.

So, erm, you know.  It’s all good.  I’ve been wasting hours and hours playing with ROMs for my Galaxy S2 phone (the underlying software that phones run on is known as its ROM), trying to find one that’s faster and has fancy extras but gives better battery life.  I’ve finally settled on the Litening ROM.  Not so many fancy extras, but fast and with great battery life.

Mm, yes, pretty interesting.



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