Saturday afternoon chess club

Happy 40th birthday to my old friends Shash Khan and Chun Fan Wong, who today invited us and a select band of others up to Edgware Road to spend the afternoon playing chess in a pub.

To be brutally frank, “playing chess in a pub” wouldn’t have been my number one choice for a Saturday afternoon outing – not least because the Lovely Melanie doesn’t know how to play chess and the girls didn’t even know what chess was before today.

Millie playing chessHowever, that just goes to show what I know (nothing!) because we’re freshly returned from a delightful afternoon at the Wargrave Arms.  Millie learned how to play chess (broadly speaking), I was forced (by the vagaries of the points system employed) to play two games simultaneously – both of which I won! – and everyone had a really nice time.

And did I mention I played two people at once and won? 🙂

Mike and Dave locked in combatIt was, basically, a Saturday afternoon spent with friends in the pub – which sounded to me like a recipe for disaster with the girls in tow, since children and pubs don’t usually mix very well.  But somehow everything was fine: the girls were impeccably well behaved.  By which I do not mean they sat in silence with their arms folded all afternoon.  They ran about, joined in, ate loads of crisps and chatted with lots of people they’d never met before (even Amber!) like children do.  But they were always polite and cute and engaged – I was jolly proud of them both. 🙂

There were no bennies, no demands to play with my phone, and even though we took the tablet with us it wasn’t needed.  The Lovely Melanie, I noticed on the way home, had a bag full of children’s books – none of which were needed either.  It was such a pleasure to see both girls in a pub circulating amongst a crowd of our grown-up friends who don’t have children, with both age groups enjoying themselves and getting along.  That was the kind of thing I got into the parenting game for


  1. It’s afternoon’s like the one u described that I miss about hanging out wiv u guys…:( I would have loved to see your little ones all growed up… And since getting married my husband and I have accumulated a lot of chess sets from all over the world and things can get pretty heavy…My nephew joined a chess club and he is amazingly difficult to beat for a 9 yr old Kids can grasp games like chess much easier than adults. Have you seen the big bang theory episode where Sheldon Cooper plays 3-dimensional chess and invents 3 person chess – hilarious.


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