Street Art

Our garden, in colourThe Lovely Melanie is away and everything’s gone to pot, as my Mum used to say.

People are drawing on the patio, ordering pizzas and riding down to the swings without so much as a sniff of suncream!

What can I tell you? That’s just the way I roll. 🙂

One interesting thing – Amber had pizza with us tonight.  She’s previously insisted she doesn’t like pizza and has eaten garlic bread instead.  But tonight the lure of the pepperoni sucked her in and she officially likes pepperoni pizza.

“But not that one,” she insisted, pointing at my seafood pizza.

It’s a lovely picture though – made all the more lovely because when I shouted out the window for them both to smile for the camera Amber immediately jumped up and ran over to give Millie a hug.

The same Millie who is here dressed in Harry Potter wizard robes (a magic wand and glasses are indoors on the table…)


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