Fashion frenzy

I got paid yesterday and immediately went mad.

We now have a new digibox and my eBay account is glowing red-hot from all the new clothes and trainers being bought. During the last Year Of Dismal Shirts And Ties no clothes were bought.  Well, maybe some pants and socks.  Basics.

The new job is more of a sartorial challenge because I get to choose what to wear from my wardrobe, but it came to my attention that a lot of that wardrobe was, frankly, a bit old and worn out.  Literally – washed to within an inch of its life, crusty under the arms and nowhere as colourful as it used to be.  My shoes were well-worn, thin-soled and a bit toxic.

So, yesterday I went mad on eBay, rebuilding my wardrobe.  It’s amazing how thrifty but how varied a wardrobe you can build up if you don’t care about designer names and are prepared to put in a couple of hours scanning the auctions…

The Lovely Melanie (who shares my eBay account, because that’s what married people do) caught sight of one or two of the impulse items I was watching and threatened to divorce me if I bought them (one word: paisley) but mostly she approves.  Mostly.  If she approved of them all then alarm bells would start ringing in my head.

And last night I culled my current wardrobe.  There’d already been a cull a couple of months ago, but last night I got ruthless.  Just because something was old and had a lot of good memories attached to it didn’t save it from the charity bag of oblivion (well, maybe in a couple of cases…)

The hangars in my wardrobe are now swinging lazily in the breeze, empty.  Drawers can be closed without trouble.  And the postman is going to hate me. 🙂

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