Catford shenanigans

It is, once more, uncannily quiet at home.  The girls are in Swindon with Nanny and Grampy for the first week of the school holidays.

We dropped them off with my parents at Paddington station on Sunday morning – although I nearly missed this…!

The evening before I was in Catford for some birthday celebrations (happy birthday, Fi!).  Nothing too heavy: a trip to Catford Broadway Theatre to watch a performance of Dracula.  That was really well done and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was a tiny little studio, and some comic relief was also provided by my needing to use the loo about halfway through (never drink lager before a theatre show!)  I held on for as long as possible, eventually, however, I had to embarrass myself by stepping out.  I squeezed past people, tip-toed down the stairs and out the doors… which then slammed shut just as I dropped my plastic glass on the floor – all perfectly audible (I’m told) back inside.  On my return, much relieved, I sat back down and literally 30 seconds later the (hitherto unsuspected) interval began.  D’oh!

Afterwards we went back to the pub for a couple more pints discussion of the performance.  I checked times for the last trains home on my phone, then sat back and continued a most enjoyable evening.

Until I got to the station and discovered my last train was entirely fictional.

Fortunately, I wasn’t the last person to leave and was offered a bed at friend’s house.

Unfortunately, we then stayed up until 3am drinking and talking.

Next morning was a bit – ahem – tricky.  I had to meet the Lovely Melanie and the girls en route to Paddington, making sure to catch the same train they were on as it passed through Lewisham.

“Daddy smells funny!” was Amber’s comment.

We took the girls to Paddington and waved them off.  Parenting done, we went home and I slept until the “funny” smell dissipated.


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