Easter weekend

It’s the middle of a manic Easter weekend, but this is one of the quiet days.  Thursday, after work, I caught a train (an insanely crowded train!) to my old hometown of Swindon for a 40th birthday party.  But not just any 40th birthday party – this was a return to the nightclub that I spent so many nights in as a teenager/twenty-something – Level 3.

Dancing at Level 3Saying “Level 3” to Swindonians of a certain age and type will trigger a flood of memories.  They might be hazy and patchy, but a flood of memories nonetheless.  So, Andrea Bright’s genius idea for her 40th was to hire the old place and try to recreate the late ’80s-early ’90s, complete with music (sadly, the bar prices were still early-2012).

It was a hell of a night, too.  Lovely to see some old friends, and to hear some old tunes.  My head was sore yesterday from too much beer, and my neck and back are still sore today from so much dancing. 🙂

Rich, my brother, and Carla (his lovely wife) were generous enough to put me up for the night (he lives just round the corner from Level 3), and since he was working nights Carla and Izzy were staying at her mums – so I had the house to myself.  Thanks very much for letting me stay, guys, and sorry again for eating your Easter Egg!

Next morning I went to visit Trev’s grave with my parents.  It was a sunny day and despite my hangover we were all pretty cheery as we tidied up the grave, put in some new flowers and cut the grass.  As much as the grave of someone you love is never going to be the scene of a great party it gives me hope that it will become a place we can occasionally gather and remember Trev with smiles rather than tears.

After that, I went back to Rich & Carla’s to find that Carla and my niece, Izzy, were back.  I spent a delightful couple of hours with them.  Usually when I see Izzy we’re surrounded by other family who enjoy making a huge fuss of her, which means I don’t get much time with her.  So today, with just the three of us, it was lovely to get to know Izzy a bit more, to play with her and appreciate what a lovely, funny little girl she’s steadily becoming. 🙂

Then it was a train journey home to Bexley and a quiet night in watching the documentary, Senna.  I fell asleep for about half of it, but the half I did see was very good.  There was almost a tear in my eye at the end when Senna died.

Today, we’re probably going to go and see the brains exhibition at the Wellcome Centre in town (I’ll be interested to see what the girls make of this…)  Tomorrow, the plan is to go out for a family lunch somewhere, and the day after that (Easter Monday) I’m away again – this time to Bristol at the Louisiana, to compere a memorial gig featuring every band Trev ever played in.

Yes, me, compering, in Bristol, on a stage, in front of lots of people.  What could possibly go wrong?


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