Anders Breivik

Is it appropriate to laugh at Anders Breivik, do you think?  Because that’s what I mostly felt like doing during the first days of his trial in Norway this week for murdering 77 people.

Not to laugh at his crime, obviously, which still sends a chill down my spine each time I hear brave survivors recall what happened back on 13th January.  But I do want to laugh at this horrible man who so desperately wants to be taken seriously – to be patted on the head and told, “Blimey, that was impressive – mental, but impressive.”

“I’m not mad,” he says, “I need to be taken to trial and judged for what I’ve done.  I spent ages planning it – look at how clever I am; how patient and how scary.  I’m not mad.”

Ooh, yes, look how scary you are, Anders Breivik.  You attacked an island full of unarmed children who had gathered there to laugh, make friends and discuss making the world a better place.  And you needed guns to help you do that.  Guns, to kill children.

Not forgetting that you made a thing that went bang, killing more people.  Well done you.

Your attitude and reasoning is so teenage – that’s the only description I can come up with when I hear you speak.  Not scary, not clever; just whining, petulant and naive.  It might be vaguely endearing if you were a teenager; but as a 33-year old man you just sound stupid.

That’s why I think the best thing to do with Anders Breivik is laugh at him, no matter how inappropriate it may sound.  Make Breivik painfully aware that he is not the heroic saviour that he imagines himself to be.  He is simply ridiculous.

So, laugh at Anders Breivik and his evil schemes, laugh till the tears roll down your face.

Because it’s the exact opposite of what he wants.


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