Sinusitis returns

I had a lot of trouble with sinusitis (among other things) in my previous job.  First of all, I didn’t know what it was – after the third bout in a month I became worried it might be a brain tumour and went to my GP.

sinuses“No,” he said, “it’s blocked/infected sinuses.  Drink more water, take some ibuprofen and get a nasal decongestant called Otrivine.  And stop wasting my valuable time with your bloody hypochondriac codswallop about brain tumours.”

(he didn’t say that last bit, but it was easy to imagine him thinking it.  I consoled myself with visions of my death from an undiagnosed brain tumour – teaching him a valuable lesson.)

Sinusitis, I have discovered, is a bugger of a illness.  It blocks your sinuses and quite often they get infected.  Now, you’d imagine this blocks your nose – a bit like a cold.  That sounds pretty obvious, right?  Wrong.  Sinusitis has all kinds of bizarre symptoms, very few of which seem to be connected to your nose.  Mine include headaches, blurred vision, nausea, raised temperature and an inability to concentrate.

I can breathe just fine – never better, thanks!

At lunchtime yesterday I had to come home from work with an outbreak of the aforementioned sinusitis.  Most of the afternoon was spent sleeping, but I was woken at about 5pm and found two smiling cheeky faces just an inch from my own.

Which was nice. 🙂

Er…and that’s about it.  I had sinusitis yesterday and was woken up by my children.



  1. Yes. I had that. For months. I became addicted to Vicks Sinex. The more i used it, the less it worked, the less it worked the more I used it. I spent a fortune on the stuff, and owned about seven bottles of it at one point (if i left the house withouth it i’d nip out from work to buy some more). Eventually I went to the docs and it was cleared up by a couple of days of antibiotics. I am unsure as to how your doctor expected your infection to clear up with the use of Ibuprofen.

    • I’ve been to the doctor’s twice about it. The first time (when I thought I might have a brain tumour) the doctor mentioned antibiotics as a possibility, but only after I’d tried ibuprofen and Otrivine (ibuprofen’s an anti-inflammatory, so it works reasonably well on sinusitis – much better than paracetamol).
      When I went back because the Otrivine and ibuprofen were only treating the symptoms and I was still getting regular attacks, a different doctor refused to entertain the possibility of antibiotics. In fact, he didn’t do anything except tell me it would clear up on its own.
      Fortunately, I changed jobs soon after and that has mostly fixed things. However, I’ve currently got a badly swollen elbow due to bursitis and the same doctor has again told me that it will “clear up on its own”. I’m tempted to go back and ask about my diabetes to see if that “will clear up on its own!”

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