School trip (reprise)

Millie isn’t normally one for telling you about her day.  Ask her what she did at school that day and she usually tells you either “I can’t remember” or “not much“.  It’s a bit frustrating sometimes – trying to show interest in her life away from us and getting bugger-all response.

Mind you, Amber’s not much better sometimes – ask her what she did today and she gets the same instant Alzheimer’s.

Yesterday, after school, we had quite the opposite problem.  Following the school-trip to Chatham Docks, Millie was bursting to tell the Lovely Melanie every single detail about the day.  Poor Amber couldn’t get a word in!

Eventually the Lovely Melanie wedged open a gap in Millie’s soliloquy and asked Amber what she had been trying to say, whereupon Amber folded her arms and said  “I cannot remember!  Millie has been doing so much talking I have forgotten!

Bored man at deskEven the Lovely Melanie later confided to me that she had to interrupt Millie’s Chatham tales because they were going on and on and on.  You know you’re going on a bit when your own mother says the conversation was starting to drag.

Poor Millie – she needs a lesson or two in the art of storytelling.  When I got home from work she started to tell me about the trip.  And continued.  And then continued some more.  And more.  Eventually I had to use the “Daddy’s just got home from work, love, and he really wants some dinner… K. Thnx. Bye!” excuse.

It’s not Millie’s fault – the world is full of boring people.  And even though I learned a long time ago that when telling stories in conversation you keep it short and to the point, it took years more to learn that same lesson when writing!


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