Really? Again??

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s damn lucky I’m not a superstitious man.

Yesterday morning my old boss from Yahoo! got in touch to ask me about CVs and applying for jobs (Yahoo! are shedding loads of jobs – again – including, unfortunately, hers).  I gave her a pep talk about how unemployment wasn’t so dreadfully scary, giving the example of myself – now happily ensconced in a nice, new, well-paid job.

I then spoke to my brother, Rich, about how Amber finishes at nursery soon (because she’ll be starting school) and how great it will be to no longer “lose” £400 a month on nursery fees.

Then there was some nice news from my parents that they were sharing a windfall with us!

What a day!  I was feeling pretty good, as you can imagine!

Can I have a quick word?” said my boss.

Sure,” I said, grabbing my notebook, as usual.

And that was the end of the good day.  Turns out, as of August 10th, I’m going to be unemployed again.


They were very nice about it: very apologetic, very complimentary about my copywriting skills, my fit within the team and all the work I’ve done so far.  But changes in the company mean they need someone with broader marketing skills.

On the plus side, as noted, I’ve got three months in which to find a new job; my references are excellent and I’m already a much better copywriter than when I started this job.

On the minus side, I’ve been in the job less than three months and was really enjoying it.  Now I’ve got to start all over again.



One comment

  1. Aaaarghh!!! Urgh I’m frustrated for you! Damn them for not properly working out their objectives before employing you. One door closes … bla bla …

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