War footing

Following Friday’s news The Truth is slowly but surely moving over to a war footing – by which I mean looking for a new job, which is a full-time job in itself.

Please restrict all comments below to such things as “Stu is such a brilliant copywriter,” “Stu’s copywriting abilities are second-to-none,” and “Stu’s copywriting literally saved my company from bankruptcy!”

In the meantime, writing factories are gearing up to survey for situations vacant; contact networks are mobilising; internet mines are switching production to CVs and cover letters; and my Ministry of Long-Term Plans is dusting off its emergency strategies.

helicopter and army, in desert
“CVs away! Get that cover letter up, now! Interview positions!”

Fortunately, these strategies were only put into mothballs a couple of months ago, so the Ministry is confident they can be reused with a minimum of updating.  Big job at the moment is the updating of CVs – as a copywriter my CV needs to be not just competent but dazzling.

Pre-state of emergency, this was to be an entry about Millie going up another swimming grade (she’s passed grade 3), bureaucratic incompetence at leisure centres and how Amber has taken to sleeping on her back with her arms spreadeagled, crucifixion-style – quite a radical change from her previous style of face-down in the pillow with her bottom sticking up in the air.

But there’s a (metaphorical) war on, so that kind of thing will have to wait.

Oh – and if you know of anyone in the London area looking for a copywriter/content editor/writer then do please let me know. 🙂



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