I’ve just been sent Millie’s school curriculum and was rather surprised to discover she’ll be learning about “Using a bat. Tactics when attacking and defending.

I thought we moved out to Bexley to get away from that sort of thing!

Rather more telling is the section on Religious Education, which says they’ll be concentrating on: “Christianity: The Church; services, people who work there, a family not a building. Hinduism: Krisha and Ganesh stories, their beliefs.

It’s that referral to “their” beliefs which bothers me here.  I’m almost sort of mildly tempted to write to the school and ask if the lessons on Christianity shouldn’t refer to their Church and their services.

As an atheist, I wonder if “their beliefs” will be used when talking about mine, too…


  1. We grew up reading Indian comic books called Amar Chitra Khata (Immortal picture stories) which had Hindu mythology stories (what Millie’s curriculum calls Krishna and Ganesh stories) and were not only highly entertaining but taught basic human values, stress on human rather than religious. Things like honour, respect, friendship, not cheating, using your wit, etc rather than talking about “a god that is real”. In that sense I have no problem with religious education, this coming from someone who studied in a christian school with fanatic Christianity shoved down my throat on a daily basis. Perhaps this is why the syllabus does not cover buddhism because apparently religion = god. And pls tell Millie that you know a Ganesh (a.ka. ME!)


    • LOL – I’ll mention it to her again, but like me she’s probably going to be more amazed that you’re married to a submarine commander! 😉


  2. You know someone married to a Submarine Commander!!! Why have you never told me this…this is probably the coolest thing I have heard about you Stu..


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