Another trip to the eye doctor…

But don’t panic, it was purely routine. Millie’s eyes are still fine, although they have now recommended she should wear her glasses for any distance viewing, such as TV (although, she doesn’t actually watch much TV, preferring reading, colouring-in, dancing and computer games) and for reading.

Apparently “it won’t do any harm, and will probably help,” although I’m not entirely certain what it will help.  I’m surprised they didn’t say to use them for computer games, but I guess you sit a lot closer to a computer screen than you do to a TV.

The Lovely Melanie was complaining that the hospital took ages to see them when they went for the check-up; that’s not so bad, but it was also desperately hot in the waiting room.  She had nothing but praise for Millie, however, who didn’t complain or whinge once.  Instead, she read every single book they had in the waiting room from start to finish, and then read them again to some of the other (more elderly) people also waiting, and who thought it was just too cute!

Good old ‘Lays – making the waiting experience better for everyone! 🙂

In redundancy news, I’m awaiting some hopeful news from my current job – not that I’ve had a reprieve but there’s the possibility of a similar job with EF, the big company that owns Hult, my employer.  I’ve spoken to all the relevant people, submitted all the relevant documents and shown all the relevant enthusiasm, and things look hopeful.

But I don’t have a new job yet.


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