Different girls

More interesting observations from the Lovely Melanie about our girls (yes, I steal a lot of my blogging ideas from her, but that’s why I married her, because she’s smart – so I don’t need to be!)

She pointed out the difference between the two of them and between the state of their bedrooms. I was a little sceptical at first, but thinking about it I quickly agreed.

Amber’s bedroom is usually very tidy – which is how she likes it.  Things are put away in drawers and boxes, and everything has its place.  It would be stretching things to call it “neat” but it certainly is orderly.

And Amber enjoys bedtime stories, but she doesn’t get caught up in them as much as Millie does.  She seems to have a little less imagination than her big sister, but she has a far better memory – remembering things that both I and her mother sometimes forget.

Millie’s bedroom is a mess.  There are things on the floor, hanging off wardrobes and out of drawers; books are simply shoved under the bed; surfaces are covered with stuff – tidy boxes are just another surface to put things on, rather than in.

Millie’s memory is like mine – terrible.  She forgets stuff as soon as it’s out of sight.  But at bedtime stories she’s inside the story, you can see it in her face and the way she gets nervous, triumphant or simply breathless for more.

Both of them are more similar than they are different, but it’s interesting to see the differences in their thinking expressed physically – in the state of their personal space.


  1. Thank your lucky stars that Justin Beiber hasn’t entered their lives (and rooms) yet. When you start getting posters of pop and movie stars in their bedrooms (and trust me, it will happen – or was that just an 80s thing?) then your days of influencing them are on the ebb…

    • I’m not going to ban or forbid Justin Beiber and his like from entering the house – that would be counterproductive, I’m sure.
      Instead, we’re trying to lay the groundwork now by ensuring the girls hear all kinds of different music and see us enjoying it, too; hopefully that will innoculate them to some degree against the Beiber.
      If they still want to like that sort of thing, that’s fine, but I’d be sad if that was all they listened to. As it stands they’re getting a fine musical education in reggae, folk, post-rock, electronica, easy listening, indie, rock, 60s, 70s, ’80s and some old-fashioned soul!

  2. tis interesting. And I hope that you are still blogging in twenty years time, so that we can see whether Amber grows up to excel in acadmeia while Millie grows up to be a famous artist. Fascinating! How lucky you and The Lovely Melanie are – to be able to watch these people grow before your very eyes, like a David Attenborough film of a flower sped up a thousand times!

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