Jolly Jubilee

Ahh, Jubilee Weekend – two extra days off work.  Yay!

A few years back I might have made a fuss about the unthinking praise being heaped upon the Queen.  But, you know what?  Life’s too short.  I’m finding the Jubilee far less annoying than, say, the World Cup, which always seems to be dripping with pent-up violence.

Jubilee celebrations – except for some of the loons interviewed on the news – seem pretty good-natured, easily avoided and sometimes even fun to watch.  We’ve been away over most of the weekend, but returning on Sunday afternoon our train home crossed the Thames at Charing Cross and we caught a glimpse of the Thames boat pageant, which was quite lovely to see.

I still don’t believe we need a queen or a monarchy in this country, and I certainly don’t swear allegiance to her Maj, but it’s not something I get terribly het up about anymore.  Yeah, I know – next stop – a subscription to the Daily Mail… 😉

As I said, we’ve been away for most of the weekend. Friday we were in Swindon for my brother’s birthday.  That train journey down wasn’t much fun – train journeys on a Friday night seldom are, even though we left it till 8pm to try and avoid much of the rush hour.  That means the girls are past their bedtimes, however, and getting a bit frayed.

Crowded train + tired children = recipe for disaster.  Well, not disaster but stress.  Stress and earache.

Kitchen CousinsBut we made it and got to the pub for about 9.30 and had a really nice night there.  Next morning we were up and at ’em again on a packed schedule of visiting Trev’s grave, going to see Izzy, having some lunch and getting to Chippenham in time to see the Chippenham Folk Festival with our friends the Chippenham Milsoms.

Again, a lovely time both seeing the Chippenham Milsoms and the Folk Festival, which was extremely child-friendly whilst also being interesting for adults.  We had hoped to stay up late drinking and chatting, but everyone (particularly myself and the Lovely Melanie) were just shattered, and we were asleep before 10!

Sunday we were up and helping to prepare for Hope Milsom’s fourth birthday party, which was also great fun, before heading back home to London through a blizzard of Union Jacks.

Then yesterday (Monday) we arranged to meet some friends for lunch at the Ravensbourne in Ladywell, next to Lewisham Hospital where Millie was born.  Only two friends actually turned up because (i) we had forgotten to invite anyone else and so had they, and (ii) another friend had been burgled and needed some help with fixing his broken doors and locks. 😦

Still, the pub had a bouncy castle set up outside and quite a few other parents and children turned up, too, so the girls didn’t need much looking after.

And in freaky coincidence one of the girls there was from Amber’s nursery – which is nowhere near Ladywell.  I had thought I recognised a guy in the pub from mornings taking Amber to nursery (we are nodding acquaintances) but it wasn’t until a lady came up and asked me if I wanted to be part of her Art project – taking one picture of a stranger a day for a year – that I definitely made the connection.

She turned out to be married to the guy I recognised and, yes, he was my nodding nursery acquaintance from Sidcup!  What an amazing coincidence, bumping into people from home so far away from home – this seems to happen to me a lot! 🙂

Anyway, she took a couple of pictures of me for her project and promised to invite me to the gallery when it was complete.  Then I went back into the pub and spent a very pleasant afternoon drinking with friends. 😀  The girls (Amber in particular) had been a bit naughty over the weekend – and not just when tired on the train – but in the pub that afternoon you’d think butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths.

I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who made our Jubilee weekend so brilliant – family, friends (especially the Chippenham Milsoms), the organisers of the Chippenham Folk Festival and the staff of the Ravensbourne public house in Ladywell. Cheers! 🙂

So today we’re having a quiet day.  A bit of gardening, a visit to the shops at Bexleyheath, a bit of Skyrim perhaps, and probably a film this afternoon.  A nice quiet day.  Because it’s back to work tomorrow: hopefully to hear about the internal copywriter job I’m chasing, and whether my impending redundancy is a minor inconvenience or major emergency…


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