Beautiful things

The internet is so stuffed with amazing things it’s rather astonishing anyone ever gets anything done nowadays.

All the Water on Europa, all the Water on EarthFortunately, they do.  Such as this picture comparing the amount of water on Earth with the amount of water on Jupiter’s moon Europa.

Think Earth is a watery world?  “Pah!” says Europa, “that’s not water – this is water!

But in response I’d say take a look at Terra Sacra, a beautiful time-lapse video of  Earth (below).

Filmed and compiled by Sean F. White, Terra Sacra  is a visual diary of his travels to some of Earth’s loneliest and most beautiful places.

Sean says it was inspired by Ron Fricke’s Baraka  (another great film) and combines his favourite shots from his travels with original music by composer Roy Milner.

There are three distinct Acts, apparently – Primordial Earth, Past Meets Present and Eternal Universe.

That’s as maybe, but it sure is beautiful.


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