It’s half-term in Bexley, and the fun never stops.  Well, for the rest of the family it doesn’t.  Me – I’m at work.

The Lovely Melanie only works three days a week so after the Monday and Tuesday holiday for the Queen’s Jubilee (gawd bless you, ma’am!) she only needed to take Wednesday off to have an entire week at home.

Portrait of the Queen - Lightness of Being by Chris LevineYesterday, she took Amber to nursery and then she and Millie went to the National Portrait Gallery for an exhibition about the Queen.

After the success of the Damien Hirst visit this one was marginally less interesting, since it’s mostly a lot of oil paintings; but there were also some holograms which blew Millie’s mind, as well as a large picture of the Queen made from lots of tiny pictures of Diana (cue lots of difficult explanations about her death and the problems it created for the Queen…)

Millie gave me a detailed run-through of the guidebook when I got home from work so she obviously enjoyed it.

Today, Millie was up early because she’s being taken to the Harry Potter Studio Experience with her friend Max.  He got the tickets as a birthday present last year and asked to take Millie with him, which I think was jolly generous of both Max and his parents.  Millie didn’t seem quite as excited as we expected this morning.  But I think she was a bit tired.

And for her to be as excited as we expected is probably physically impossible.

I’m expecting to be regaled with tales of the day for at least two hours when I get home this evening. 🙂

And Amber – well, she’s got her little friend Abigail coming round to visit.  That’s the Abigail who lives across the way from us and whose surname is also Carter.  So I’m glad she’s getting a fun day, too – the fun does feel a little biased towards Millie this week…


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