The Harry Potter Studio Experience Tour Experience Studio

Harry Potter Studio Tour logoI was right – upon arriving home from work last night I was dragged kicking and screaming into Millie’s room, there to hear all about the things she’d bought (a “wanted” poster, a cuddly Scabbers, some postcards…) and what happened at the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

No full-stops were used during her breathless description.  There may have been a comma at one point, but I can’t be sure. 😉

Imagine seeing all your favourite stories and characters come magically alive right in front of you: that actually happened for Millie yesterday. 😀

I try to keep a childlike sense of wonder of the world  (because life is more fun that way) but I can’t even begin to keep up with Millie and Amber’s enthusiasm and abandon.  When you hear them laughing, they’re absolutely lost in the moment, are completely here, now – not thinking of anything else.

It’s a sort of laughter you don’t hear from adults (well, not sane adults, at least – but that’s a whole other discussion).

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