Weekend to the Max!

Whatever happened to lazy weekends, eh?  Did they ever really exist or am I simply imagining days when we’d lie in bed till mid-afternoon, only getting up to buy some milk and sausages for a late lunch…?

My weekends these days are closer to the tour schedule of a hard working international rock band than a married 40-year-old dad-of-two!

Friday started well enough, when friends happened to have a spare ticket to see Richard Hawley at the Forum in Kentish Town.  I snatched it from their hands and threw money at them almost before they’d finished offering it.  My attendance assured, we then sat in the pub and chatted about how few gigs we all went to these days.

I had an epiphany a few years ago, realising that actually I mostly don’t enjoy gigs that much: too crowded, too hard to get to the bar/toilet, too loud, too hot, etc.  I only go to gigs now if it’s someone I really really really want to see live – which isn’t that often, to be honest.

Mostly, staying at home and listening to the album is enough for me these days.

Richard Hawley was a definite exception to this, though, and was rocking like a mofo right from the moment he was wheeled onstage with a broken leg.  Hard to imagine many people rocking like a mofo when they have a broken leg, but he managed it.  I thought he was bluffing at first, and would jump up to surprise us all, but if he was bluffing then he kept it up all the way through.  The stage design was hauntingly brilliant – lots of backlit trees – and so was the sound.

We walked in at about nine, bought a beer, ambled up to the back of the crowd…and he came on.

This is the way all gigs should be, I have decided.

I was glad the Lovely Melanie had thought to remind me of Millie’s new swimming lesson time – Saturday mornings at nine – otherwise I might have had an extra pint or two and looked as miserable as the instructor of her class did. 😦

I had to take Amber with me, too, and – because Millie has graduated to the Big Pool – can no longer sit down during her lessons.  Another two reasons I was glad I hadn’t overindulged.  Millie continues to do well in swimming; despite being very nervous about starting in the big pool a couple of weeks back, today she was absolutely at home there.  She’s always so ready to talk to the grown-ups she’s around, too – not nervous or shy at all (unlike her sister) – just full of enthusiasm for practically everything she does.

Brockley Max paradeAfter this, we went to our old stamping grounds in SE London to visit the Brockley Max.  The Max has been running for years, but we never ever visited it when we lived nearby, and weren’t exactly champing at the bit to go on Saturday.  The website makes it sound a bit wishy-washy and spread out (ahem – they need a proper copywriter to promote it… nudge nudge), and the weather forecast was a bit patchy.

Mel, Jimmy & Rich at Brockley MaxStill, we got there and found it to be much better than we’d expected – music, a bar, children’s activities, a bar, face painting, a bar, a parade – and there was a bar, too.

The sun came out, a load of friends turned up (including the couple we met last weekend at the Ravensbourne!) and before we knew it five o’clock had rolled around and it was time to go home: slightly sunburnt and tired, but very happy. 🙂

Sunday, the weather forecast was dire, but the lawn needed mowing and the garden needed, er, gardening, so there was still no chance to rest.  Sigh.

I was pretty grumpy on Sunday – even Saint Melanie was moved to comment and ask about it.  “Just tiredness”, I said, “leave me alone.”

But last night realised that I’d forgotten to take my anti-depressants since Thursday.  So it seems as though they’re still doing me a lot of good…

This is both good and bad.  Good because they’re still helping, but bad because, well, I was hoping to start coming off them now…


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