Big school for little girls

We have to visit Millie’s school this evening – but for Amber, not Millie.

Yes, the day when we’ll have no children at nursery is fast approaching, and tonight is the first step.  I assumed we were meeting with Amber’s teacher, but the Lovely Melanie has corrected me on that front: it’s a sort of presentation for the parents of new-starters.  Probably nothing we don’t already know from having Millie at the school, but I wanted to attend anyway.

Amber is coming with us, although she doesn’t need to, but is very tight-lipped on the subject of school.  Whenever I mention it to her she goes quiet, looks at the floor and sucks her thumb – a sure sign she wants you to just stop your talking.

I’m not sure why she seems so nervous: she goes to pick up Millie from Hurst Primary every week and has been inside on many occasions.  But she’s well-known and comfortable at pre-school, a big fish in a small pond.  Starting school is a major change, and Amber is seldom comfortable with new experiences the way her sister is.  She may be all mouth at home, but she has no trousers (so to speak) outside it.


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