Auntie Kris is here! Auntie Kris is here!

As mentioned in the previous post, Auntie Kristine is over here from Australia – cue scenes of hysteria not seen since Christmas morning.

To be fair, I’m not sure who’s the most excited, the girls or Auntie Kris – but I suspect the girls have the edge because there are two of them.  Now, I like Kris a lot – she’s great fun, always ready to laugh and prepared to listen when I talk about NFC tags.  I was genuinely sad when she emigrated to Australia a few years back.

The train home
Millie & Auntie Kris

But the girls… well, they practically worship her.

She stayed with us over the weekend, and every morning the girls were up at 6.30 to do her hair, read her books and who knows what else (I certainly don’t – I was asleep!)

They were both gutted this morning when she wasn’t there – especially Millie, the more affectionate of the pair, who spent half the weekend holding her hand or sat in her lap.

She even stole some of my Father’s Day thunder, damn her! 😛

Father's Day 2012 giftsI got a lovely array of cards and hand-made gifts and chocolate, but once these were delivered and the pop-up frog card was explained and the fact that Amber chose the bought card and the chocolates (good choice by the way, Amb – chocolate orange…er, chocolates), after that they went back to combing and plaiting Auntie Kris’s hair.

Which suited me fine – I got a lie-in! 🙂


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