Help needed

I need a bit of objectivity today.  If you consider yourself objective then read on.  If you’re related to me then probably best to look for some more badger pictures…

Millie & Amber on the beach in SouthendThe question I need an answer to is whether the children (my children) in this picture are cute.  See, I remember wondering about this soon after Millie was born back in 2005.  As far as I can tell these are ridiculously cute children, but I’m their father – I would think that. 😛

So, I’m after a bit of objectivity here.

That picture was taken at the weekend on an exceedingly windswept Southend beach – we were all thoroughly exfoliated and very pink by the time we came off it.

We were in Southend to watch Conny and the Harbour Harlots play Roller Derby, but arrived slightly early so after a “proper” seafront lunch of fish & chips we went down to the sand.  There is some video of it, but the sound is nothing but howling wind and it looks rather like Mars landing footage!

The Roller Derby match footage and pictures are not a lot better, despite taking place indoors (my camera really doesn’t like sports centres – rather like me, really).  Fortunately, the match was great fun, and unlike last time the Harlots won.

We went down on the train with Auntie Kristine, who’s over from Australia for most of the month, and old friend R Kelly.  It took longer than usual because of engineering works in Bexley, but was a pretty smooth journey, all things considered.  We met some other friends there, and Auntie “Frau POW!” Conny was playing.

The girls and Auntie Kris loved the match – Kris tells me she’s thinking of joining a club herself when she gets back to Australia!  They did begin to get a bit tired during the second half, though, so I took them up to the balcony for a change of viewpoint.  They were fascinated by the infinite mirrors in the lift, but Amber started to have a benny because I didn’t want to lift her up  to see over the balcony (it was made of glass).  Eventually, I relented and lifted her up, and she waved to our friends down the bottom – who waved back.  Then they began pointing at us and waving more.  And more.

I looked at Amber to check she wasn’t about to fall over the balcony – I had a firm hold on her but checked anyway.  Nope, she was fine.

People had actually stood up by now and were waving, pointing and trying to tell us something…

I suddenly realised exactly what they were pointing at when I looked down and saw Millie trying to wriggle under the glass of the balcony where a five-metre drop to the ground awaited her! :-O

Her legs were already over the edge so I instantly grabbed her by the arm, pulled her up and shouted “What on earth are you doing?!?!(notice that I didn’t swear? I’m quite proud of that)

Auntie Kris & Millie at Bexleyheath station
Millie & Kris – not on a balcony, thank goodness.

It was a nasty moment – those little legs hanging over the edge will stay with me for a long time to come.

Amber was crying, Millie was crying, I was scared – I was bloody glad that Auntie Kris appeared behind us on the balcony to help.

Anyway, that was the last time we went on the balcony.

It was a long train journey home to Bexley, but it was uneventful, and we were all glad to get home when we eventually did.

A lovely day, yes; but exhausting and just tiny bit traumatic.



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